First Look At DUMBO In Disney’s Live-Action Film Revealed

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If you’re a fan of Dumbo and/or Tim Burton, chances are you are going to gravitate towards the director’s live-action take on the character. Details on the film have been scarce but we finally have some plot points and an image of the title character. While showcasing their upcoming films at CinemaCon, Disney gave the audience a sneak peek at the film.

Dumbo has the signature giant ears that made him the famous and lovable Disney animal. Take a look at him below:

To go with the new image, Disney also showed the audience a sizzle-reel featuring the main cast. It hasn’t been released online, but it’s being described as very Burton-like with crazy costumes and visuals. The story itself is set after the events of the animated film, with Dumbo being able to fly to be exact.

With an impressive cast on deck, including Eva Green, Michael Keaton and Danny Devito to name a few, this will sure make big bucks at the box office. Of course, the main selling point is the adorable elephant himself, but I think the surrounding characters will help it soar.

They are still hard at work with the film so I wouldn’t expect any footage soon. Some point at end of the year seems plausible, and I can’t wait to get an official look at the film. What do you guys think? Let us know by tweeting us at SuperBroMovies. – Marcos Melendez

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Disney’s Live-Action Dumbo hits theaters 2019.


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