Conor Leslie Reportedly Cast As Donna Troy In DC’s ‘TITANS’, Set Video Surfaces

DC’s Titans is currently still in production and they’ve been pretty secretive despite the recent leaks for the main cast. The initial images of the team were met with mixed responses, but there’s still hope the show will still get it right. Now it seems like another character that has major ties to the comic lore is joining the series; Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl. Yes, that’s right, and she’ll be played by Conor Leslie, an upcoming and coming actress.

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Mostly known for her role in Man in the High Castle, Conor Leslie will arguably be getting her biggest role yet as Wonder Girl in Titans. The info comes from a Teen Titans fan page that has been correct thus far on the details they’ve learned on the show, ex. set photos. The importance of her role hasn’t been revealed but it seems like she’s mostly going to be seen in a regular getup if a new set video is any indication.

Leslie can be seen interacting with fellow superhero Dick Grayson (Robin), played by Brenton Thwaites, as he seemingly lands into the frame. She teases the history between them when she says the following; “Oh I missed you boy wonder”. Does this mean there was a Titans team long before the events of the show? Time will tell but this would certainly be comic accurate.

In the recent run of the comics, the “Titans” (without the teen) is comprised of many heroes but the main ones are Dick Grayson and Wonder Girl. They have had a very much brother/sister relationship dynamic, so I assume the show will take advantage of that. One of the most interesting aspects of the character is her birthplace Themyscira. This news is pretty exciting if you’re a big fan of the comics and know the deep history of the Teen Titans line-up.

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Source: Twitter, Instagram

DC’s Titans hits DC’s streaming service sometime this year.

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