‘RIVERDALE’ 2×19 Recap/Review: “Prisoners”

In this episode, people got tied to chairs and beaten up. SPOILERS follow, obviously.

If you need to catch up on last week’s episode first, check out the review here.

The episode began with the funeral of the poor, deceased Midge. We were thrown back into the Black Hood plot which, prior to last episode, really seemed like it was over. The characters had to deal with how the Black Hood was back from the dead. Archie always believed they got the wrong guy, and so the theory became Mr. Svenson was merely working for the real Black Hood, who set him up for the fall.


But Jughead had his own theory about Chick, so he and Betty went to the nunnery where Chick was raised. When looking through Chick’s files, they made a startling discovery: the boy in the files looked absolutely nothing like Chick. Returning home, Betty once again accused Chick of not being her brother, but this time it was for real, and she had proof. His secret revealed, Chick grabbed a knife and attacked Alice, but he didn’t get far before Betty clubbed him over the head. He awoke tied to a chair in the basement. Alice, Betty, and Jughead interrogated him, learning that he is in fact not Alice’s son. But he did know the real Charles Smith, the name given to the boy Alice put up for adoption. They were roommates, he said. And one day, Charles went to the Cooper’s house to try and meet them, and Alice turned him away without giving him a chance to explain who he was. Charles felt so unwanted, claimed Chick, that he overdosed that night.


This devastated Alice. She thought she had killed her only son when he was just looking for reconnection. She ran to F.P. Jones and dropped one of the episode’s biggest bombs: she said she had killed their son. So the real Charles was F.P.’s baby. Luckily they never told this to Betty and Jughead, cause that would’ve made things super awkward.

Betty had never been a fan of Chick when he was her brother. Now he just a killer tied up in her basement she held no blood ties to. This was when Betty received an offer. For the first time in a long time, she got a call from the Black Hood. He said he wouldn’t hurt her, but he would take Chick off her hands. There would be no loose ends and no one would ever learn about how she and her mother covered up a murder in their kitchen. At first, Betty declined. But later, he mother revealed the truth about the murder to her father. As they fought, she saw there was no way out of the situation. She took the gun she stole from Mrs. Grundy’s car all that time ago (way back in season one) and took Chick on a walk. Holding him at gunpoint, Betty took Chick to the cemetery. There he revealed that one night, after fighting and in blind rage, he had killed Betty’s real brother. Without remorse, Betty turned Chick over to the Black Hood as he emerged from the woods. Chick ran, and the Black Hood gave chase. But Betty was sure they’d never see Chick again.




When she got home, her mother was drinking alone on the stairs. Betty asked where her dad was. Alice said he went out looking for Betty. As realization slowly dawned on Betty, she found a new prime suspect for the Black Hood. Just like her father had come back into their house, the Black Hood had come back to Riverdale. And maybe that timing was no coincidence.

Apart from that action, in a storyline I feel is much less significant but was equally well-shot and performed, Archie and Veronica’s past caught up with them. You remember Nick St. Clair, that guy who tried to rape Cheryl, and then Archie beat him up when he was crippled? He came back! For revenge! He kidnapped Archie and demanded a $1 million dollar ransom from Veronica. Hiram refused to pay it out of fear that someone might see them as an easy target and take Veronica next. Veronica payed what she could, but it wasn’t enough. However, Nick presented her with an alternative option. One night alone, just the two of them, in his private hotel room. And Nick set up a live feed of it just for Archie to watch while being held captive. Motivated by saving his girlfriend and Nick’s promise that he actually planned on killing Archie, he broke free and ran to the hotel. But as he burst through the door, he found Veronica had already taken care of Nick. She gave him a taste of his own medicine and roofied him. Not wanting to quit while ahead, they gave them a double dose of his own medicine and held him for ransom, getting $1 million from his parents.


But there was more fallout from Midge’s murder. No one trusted the police to protect them anymore, and Sheriff Keller was forced to step down from his position. It kind of made sense, given how no one ever went to the cops to protect them from all the illegal things they were threatened with this episode. But Archie was still out for the Black Hood, and Hiram promised to help him however he could.

This episode was quite good. Dark and good-looking as ever, it brought back the Black Hood plotline in exciting new ways. A solid episode with a very intriguing potential plot twist towards the end, I give “Prisoners9 mourning cheerleaders of 10.

What did you think of this episode? What do you will think happen in the next one? Let us know in the comments below or @SuperBroMovies.

Riverdale airs Wednesday night at 8 on The CW.

Weston Sheffield

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