RUMOR: Cartoon Network May Have Teased The Return Of ‘TEEN TITANS’

For fans of the original Teen Titans series on Cartoon Network, a return of the beloved show has always seemed impossible. The network seems to be fully invested in the current iteration of the show, Teen Titans Go! so much so that they are releasing a movie based on it. But now thanks to a recent commercial on Cartoon Network it seems we may finally be seeing season 6 of the original Teen Titans.

Tonight Greg Cipes, the voice actor for Beast Boy on both Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!, posted an image of what appears to be a promo for a new season of the original series. He tweeted the image and posted it on Instagram to see if anyone else has seen the promo.

As you can see on his Instagram post he doesn’t seem to know whats going on here but it is still very exciting if this is true. Later on, Cipes was asked by an individual on twitter if this was real and he had this to say.

This could just be Cartoon Network trying to test if fans would be interested in the series return. But it is very strange the voice actor for a main character like Beast Boy is unaware of a series revival. So for now we should stay on the lookout for any more updates from Cartoon Network.

Would you be interested in a Teen Titans revival? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter! – Jacob Campbell

Source: Greg Cipes



2 thoughts on “RUMOR: Cartoon Network May Have Teased The Return Of ‘TEEN TITANS’

  1. Yes I get up everyday looking for teen Titans on TV and once they go off things get sour for me so I turn off the TV or turn to another TV
    If they don’t be on TV that day I just be upset and go on and about with my day without my favorite show.


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