Month: April 2018

Conor Leslie Reportedly Cast As Donna Troy In DC’s ‘TITANS’, Set Video Surfaces

DC’s Titans is currently still in production and they’ve been pretty secretive despite the recent leaks for the main cast. The initial images of the team were met with mixed responses, but there’s still hope the show will still get it right. Now it seems like another character that has major ties to the comic

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S.J. Clarkson To Direct ‘STAR TREK 4’ And Becomes First Woman To Do So

After the recent announcement that two Star Trek films are being developed, one presumably being Tarantino’s, it seems like the next one will be set after Beyond. What’s special about it is that a woman will be sitting in the director’s chair this time around, which is a first for Star Trek. According to Variety, Jessica Jones S.J. Clarkson

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