DOOMSDAY CLOCK #5 and #6 Each Pushed Back a Month

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s maxiseries sequel to WatchmenDoomsday Clock, has been pushed back in its release dates for the next two issues by one month each.

The story sees the Watchmen characters interact with the heroes of the main DC Comics continuity.

The maxiseries originally was set to release 12 issues monthly over the course of a year. It takes place one year in the future of current DC continuity. The goal was for the series to end at the same time the rest of DC comicbooks caught up.

The first issue released in November 2017, the second in December 2017, the third in January 2018, and the fourth in March 2018. The fifth issue was set to release this month, May 2017, and the sixth was set to release in July 2018. #5 is now set to release June 20th and #6 is set to release August 29th.

The pushing back of the release of these comics means the series will take more than a year to finish and the connection between other DC series and overall continuity could become jumbled and potentially confusing. This problem is not uncommon or unheard of in big events. A big event could have issues pushed back while ongoing series that tie in do not and the ongoing series end up spoiling events that occur in the main event story.

Geoff Johns seems to really care about this story so it would not be surprising if the overall DC continuity were shifted and slowed to fit the new timeline of releases. He is pretty much responsible the overarching story in DC Rebirth, which is what this maxiseries event continues. It also has been a good read so far and if pushing back is what is necessary for the story to be done right, most fans probably won’t complain.

The covers for the series are shown in the slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Source: DC Comics

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