‘THE FLASH’ S4 Ep20 “Therefore She Is” Recap/Review

Team Flash enlists the help of Gypsy for the fight against The Thinker in this week’s episode of The Flash. The other side of the story has Cisco and Gypsy deal with their relationship problems, which could lead to a negative outcome for the two. Let’s catch up with the gang and breakdown this episode!


The Thinker and The Mechanic is the dynamic duo that has tormented Barry and his friends using their high intelligence. What keeps them together, however, is their love for each other, and it seems like DeVoe’s wife is having a lot of trouble following his plans these days. The opening of the episode reveals the first encounter between the two, the actors are great as always and these flashbacks have easily been a huge highlight of this mediocre season. Their ideas clash at first but the “enlightenment” was something both have been researching about for a long time. What exactly that will end up being isn’t clear, I assume it has to do with hurting a lot of people.

They’re not the only couple having trouble, Cisco still has to deal with coming up on a decision on teaming up with his girlfriend Gypsy. Meanwhile, Wells is losing his mind little by little as he tries to help the team as much as he can. This includes trying to get Caitlin regain her Killer Frost powers. They learn of Harrison’s continuous loss of intelligence, and this leads to them maintaining the team nucleus despite DeVoe’s efforts to separate them.  Speaking of The Thinker, him and his wife are out collecting solar panels when he decides to kill a young security guard. The Mechanic is obviously distressed by this, but I don’t understand that because he’s been killing metahumans all season long. Team Flash investigates the scene and this is when Gypsy comes into play.

Before that, we another great flashback between the villainous couple at the early stages of their relationship.  This is by far the highlight of the episode, meanwhile, the present time confrontation between Team Flash and DeVoe is once again horrendous for the good guys. Specifically Cisco and Gypsy, they aren’t on the same page and end up having a nonsensical discussion after getting defeated by The Thinker. After that, we finally get why DeVoe is doing all of this. The flashback has his then-girlfriend read a journal with his crazy idea of the ideal future, and I can’t say it all makes perfect sense. It’s clear he’s simply a crazy guy that wants best for humanity but is going to entirely wrong way about it. 

The most important part of this episode is when Cecile’s powers finally useful and not annoying. Harrison Wells is losing his mind as he thinks, so she’s able to read them and write it down before it goes away. This allows for him to be able to help the team and possibly cure himself. After a quick flashback showing a convo between DeVoe and Kim, the less interesting couple of the season has their “breakup” chat. Cisco and Gypsy aren’t on the same page at all, including how they want to spend time together. Their relationship hasn’t been that captivating this season, but Cisco does do a solid job trying to make you invested.

The final battle in this episode has the team once again confronting The Thinker and The Mechanic, and they actually do some damage this time. In the end, Gypsy’s life is in DeVoe’s hands as he strangles her with his mind, this leads to his wife convincing him of not killing her. After the near-death scenario, Cisco/Gypsy seemingly comes to an end on her earth.  The biggest moment of the episode, however, is when The Mechanic ifnally decides to go against her husband’s orders, and in turn, leaving DeVoe to do the “enlightenment” himself.

In a surprisingly solid episode, the show seems to be revving up the action before the season finale. Although there are some seriously similar moments from other episodes, there are quite a few scenes that stand out. All of the flashback sequences are great, the motivation is very odd but the relationship between DeVoe and Kim has been very interesting to watch. The actors do a great job showing emotion and evilness in the right moments, I just wish they are a part of a better storyline. The last few seconds of the episode revealing the mystery girl from the season to be a speedster, and presumably Joe/Cecile’s daughter. I’m going to bet she’ll be heavily involved next season.

Rating: 7.5/10

What did you guys think of the episode? Be sure to tweet at SuperBroMovies with your thoughts. – Marcos Melendez

The Flash is on The CW every Tuesday 8/7 c.

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