‪The Russo Brothers Are Intrigued With The Idea Of Using Fox’s Marvel Characters Post-Avengers‬

The Russo Brothers had the opportunity to join Variety’s Playback podcast to talk making Avengers: Infinity War. They also talked about the possibilities of working on another movie involving Fox’s Marvel characters. Anthony of the Russo Brothers described what it was like going through the process of making Infinity War.

“It seems like every movie, we’ve doubled or more than doubled the size of the ensemble. Joe and I have always thought about our creative process. We’ve analogized it to being mad scientists. We like to take disparate elements and kind of smash them together in unusual ways and just see what that makes, see what that brings you creatively. Starting with Captain America: Civil War and certainly continuing through Infinity War. That has been the very process of making these movies. We have been taking these characters from different films, different tones, different styles, and figuring out how do they exist in a single film together? What does that do to them when you mix them?”


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Joe added to Anthony’s comment on the process of working on Infinity War.

“We have a very disciplined process. It’s part of our collaboration with [screenwriters Christopher] Markus and [Stephen] McFeely that involves getting in a room together, the four of us, for months on end assessing story, character, potential arcs for characters, where did we leave them last, where do we want to lead them, what are we trying to say? Thematics are important to us. It’s a process [that] Anthony and I forged through years of producing television. It’s got a bit of a writers’ room approach to it. Once we have a script, we then sit in the room again for many weeks and each day we spend time on each character. Like, ‘Today is Tony Stark day. We’re going to read the script from Tony’s point of view.’ The next day is Steve Rogers’ day or T’Challa’s day. You really comb through and go, ‘What do they want at the beginning? What are they getting by the end? Where are their moments in the movie? What are we trying to say about the character?’ So it’s just a process of putting coat of paint on the house after coat of paint.”

fantastic four comic book return.jpg

The Russo Brothers are very intrigued by the possibilities of working with characters like the Fantastic Four or the X-Men. Joe explained what the relationship is like with Marvel and left it open for the possibility of them returning to Marvel.

“We’ve had the best experience of our careers with Marvel. We have a great relationship with them and we love telling these stories. They’re very important to us. It would really be a function of, ‘What is that story,’ if we do stick around. Certainly, it’s enticing when all these new Fox characters will show up. It’s a very complex universe to continue to build out. We also have very personal movies we want to go make, but we’re workaholics and we tend to put a lot on our plates and I think we can tell our personal stories and tell some big stories with Marvel as well. I think there’s room for all of it.”

Anthony was quick to say that they are patiently waiting for the deal between Disney and Fox to go through.

“I think where that specific deal is at right now, it’s not at the point where we can start working with those characters on a creative level yet. We’d love to, and hopefully it’ll all work out someday, but not in the timeframe of these movies that we’re making right now.”

secret wars comicbook.jpg

Joe gave a hint that Secret Wars was the big storyline that he and his brother would love to work with, once and if the deal goes through.

“That was a big comic for me as a kid. I had all of it. I think that was probably the most important book to me.”

 If the Russo Brothers can get their hands on a franchise, like the Fantastic Four or the X-Men, from Fox, let them have it. Let them direct the Fantastic Four movie. Let them direct the X-Men movie. They deserve it and also have a proven track record that shows they deserve the first shot to work on the project.

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Lucas Talbot

Source: Variety

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