T.J. Miller Will Not Return For ‘X-FORCE’

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With Deadpool 2 soon to be released, there have been plans to make a spinoff movie featuring the X-Force, the superhero team that will be established in the film. However, spinoff movies often leave out characters from the main series outings, and it seems that X-Force will do the same. In a recent interview with The New York Times, Ryan Reynolds confirmed that T.J. Miller will not reprise his role as Weasel in X-Force.


Reynolds only had a few words regarding Miller, refraining from making comments on the recent sexual assault allegations that have been leveled toward him. However, Reynolds stated that it was unlikely that Miller would reprise his role given the project’s scale, which provides some insight for the movie’s central focus:

“There is no way to know whether T.J. would have made it into X-Force given the scope of the project.”

Given that Weasel will not appear in X-Force, there is now a chance that Deadpool 2 could be the last time he will be in the Deadpool film series. After all, Reynolds has said that he is unsure about the existence of a Deadpool 3. As such, how this series will handle the Weasel character will be something to look out for as it progresses.

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Mark Tan

Source: The New York Times

X-Force‘s release date has yet to be confirmed.

X-Force – A time-traveler assembles a team of mutants in order to prevent the wrecked future he came from.

Directed by Drew Goddard, X-Force stars Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz, and Ryan Reynolds.


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