RUMOR: ‘The 100’ Actress Lindsey Morgan Has Auditioned For DC’s ‘BATGIRL’

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After getting a screenwriter on the case a while back, it seems like DC is moving fast to cast Barbara Gordon for the live-action Batgirl film. The latest rumor potentially reveals one of the actresses in the running, and I think it’ll excite fans of The 100.

According to a Brazillian fan page, Lindsey Morgan revealed at a convention in Paris that she auditioned for a lead role in Batgirl. Morgan is said to be waiting for a response from the producers.

Whether or not she’s high on the WB’s list is not clear, but it’s very interesting that they are already confident in enough in the project to look for an actress.  I personally haven’t seen CW’s The 100 so I can’t comment on her acting but at the very least she’s already had a good relationship with Warner Bros. TV. The DCU is known for casting up and coming actors for their films, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if they like what Morgan brings to the table.

Screenwriter Christina Hodson is penning the screenplay after impressing the studio with her Birds of Prey script. Although it seems they are casting Batgirl for her solo film, her first appearance in the DCU would be in Birds of Prey, which will likely to start production late this year with director Cathy Yan at the helm.

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