‘THE FLASH’ S4 Ep21 “Harry And The Harrisons” Recap/Review

DeVoe’s device is nearly complete in order to fulfill the “enlightenment”, this forces the team to enlist the help of Amunet Black.  Meanwhile, Harry continues to struggle and has to deal with the “Council of Wells”, which leads to Cisco to introduce the “Council of Harrisons”. The show is nearing its Season 4 finale and it’s been a rocky road, let’s see what they had in store this week.


The opening of the episode sees Iris West return to her roots and tackling the DeVoe situation in a much different way this time. She uses her journalism experience to whip up the idea of exposing DeVoe to the world via an article laying out everything about him. Although one could complain how she never came up with this idea way before this, I enjoyed seeing the character being her own person. Meanwhile, Harry and Cisco meet up the Council of Wells to try to figure out his intelligence-loss problem. The problem is he’s kicked out of that council, so now they have to deal with the reject Harrisons.

It’s another excuse to have Tom Cavanagh portray different versions of himself but although I enjoyed it last time, it seems a bit forced this time around. However, that’s not the main focus of this episode as Team Flash decides to recruit Amunet Black (played by Katee Sackhoff). She’s not in the human trafficking business anymore so I guess she’s all good now, turning to illegal poker for cash. They need her help to shoot DeVoe’s satellites out of the sky, and this also means helping find more of her special metal.

Although it doesn’t focus directly on the main storyline, there’s enough connected to it for me to stay invested. The Wells situation is a bit tiresome, but some good comedic moments make it pretty entertaining. Caitlin Snow is also dealing with her own thing as they help Amunet, she’s desperate to become Killer Frost again. Before they find the metal they need, she realizes that the only thing that’ll bring her back is her and not what Amunet has. She has some decent development in this episode, but it probably coudl’ve been put in a more interesting story than retrieving special metal to shoot a satellite out of the sky.

Also, the idea of throwing bits of metal at satellites is pretty ridiculous, but to be fair so has been a lot of this season. In the end, Team Flash get what they need, and more than that, Iris publishes the article exposing DeVoe. Now they have the whole city on their side, which they’ll need when they finally go to take down The Thinker’s plan.

Two episodes are left for this season, and I’m surprised they spent a whole episode on ending a weird subplot from the beginning of the season. Wells figures out they need to appeal to DeVoe’s emotions, which reminds me that his wife left him last week yet we didn’t see one bit of her. I’m sure she and DeVoe we’ll be back next episode, but it goes to show how this season has struggled with the 23 episode format. I hope CW realizes these types of shows need to be restricted more in order to complete a satisfactory storyline.

Rating: 6.5/10

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