Justice League: No Justice #1 Review

After the events of Dark Nights: Metal the Justice League is left to deal with the ramifications of their actions as well as the choices they made to secure their universe from the eternal darkness of Barbatos. This brings us to the new weekly event known as Justice League: No Justice, written by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson. The 4 part event begins with some basic setup of what is to come, as well as some vibrant and beautiful art thanks to artist Francis Manapul with colors by Hi-Fi.

With the event beginning with the entirety of the Green Lantern Corps creating a barrier to protect a leak on the source wall of the universe. According to Green Lantern Guy Gardener, what the Justice League did to stop the dark multiverse ended up “breaking the damn universe”, with John Stewart saying that their universe is now a leaking raft in a toxic sea that is the cosmic ocean. This may sound like a lot to take in, because it is. In typical Scott Snyder fashion, the opening issue of a new event is filled with exposition and interesting and sometimes confusing metaphors, and hefty dialogue in each page.


That doesn’t take away from the fun of the issue though, as we soon cut to some super powered groups on Earth fighting off Brainiac, including The Justice League, Titans, Teen Titans, and the Suicide Squad. The fight comes to a short end though, with all of them incapacitated and taken captive by Brainiac. This is revealed to be a part of his plan to split them off into separate teams to fight off a cosmic entity hellbent on destroying Brainiac’s home planet, with Brainiac acting as a strategic guide to the newly formed teams in order to ensure their victory.


His instructions and careful planning are cut short by Amanda Waller and her team of the most powerful psychics on Earth, whom she had kidnapped in case of such an event. This leads to Brainiac fighting off the psychic attack up until the point his head explodes, rendering him useless, leaving the separate teams he made with no direction and a threat imminent.

The issue comes to close on a great cliffhanger, and overall Justice League: No Justice #1 is a fantastic start to the event, and although it may be filled with traditional clunky Snyder dialogue, it is still brought together and saved by his fantastic and creative story, new and interesting team ups of heroes and villains alike, as well as some beautiful art to top it all off.

GRADE – 8.5/1O




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