James Gunn Parallels The Build Up Of ADAM WARLOCK & THANOS

Adam Warlock is coming to the MCU, but not anytime soon.

Adam Warlock was first teased in the post credit scene in Thor: The Dark World where a cocoon was seen in the Collector’s Vault, but his final cocoon was not revealed until the post credit scene for last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. However, he has yet to make his big screen debut which leaves fans wondering when exactly he will make a major appearance in an MCU movie.

In the Infinity Gauntlet comic that Avengers Infinity War is loosely based on, Adam Warlock is the hero that actually defeats Thanos and undoes the damage he has done to the galaxy. In the comics, Warlock is even powerful enough to wield the Infinity Gauntlet alone and use its power the way Thanos can. The power of Adam Warlock in the fight against Thanos is what has MCU fans clamoring for his arrival on the big screen.

After Adam Warlock was confirmed to not be in Avengers 4 by directors Anthony and Joe Russo, fans were left wondering when exactly Adam Warlock would arrive in the MCU but James Gunn offered some hope for Warlock’s eventual reveal.

In his answer, Gunn compares the introduction of Adam Warlock to the introduction of Thanos in the MCU. Thanos first appeared in the post credit scene for the original Avengers in 2012 before appearing briefly in Guardians of the Galaxy and in the post credit scene for Avengers: Age of Ultron. From the time Thanos first appeared until his feature role in this year’s Infinity War was 6 long years, but hopefully the introduction of Adam Warlock doesn’t take quite so long.

Taylor Tyler

Source: Twitter

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