Michael C. Hall Is All For Playing BATMAN In A Live-Action Film

Michael C. Hall has established himself as an actor with a filmography spanning from the loved series, Dexter, to HBO’s award-winning drama series, Six Feet Under. Now the actor is saying that he’s even up to play the role of Batman in a live-action movie. What some may not know, is that he has already been credited as playing Batman.


In Justice League: Gods & Monsters, Hall voiced the caped crusader himself. He was interviewed by Yahoo where he expanded a bit on his role as Batman and his general opinion on the hero saying:

In that particular iteration of the superhero origin story, it was an alternative universe, he was a vampire. But Batman in general, I like him as a superhero, because he’s not particularly endowed with superpowers, he’s just smart. And the suit!

Hall then talked about how he’s all for playing him:

‘I’m Batman, tell your friends about me,’ Hall growls. ‘I love that, that was the Michael Keaton version. Well, thanks, sure – I’m all for that.’

It’s always nice to know the actor wanting to play Batman is a fan himself. Hall is loved by a lot of people, with shows like Dexter being binged over and over again. He’s built up quite a fan base. This fan base of his had a different idea when it came to who he should play in the DC Universe. Check out some of the tweets below to see their take:

Hall might find himself with a full schedule soon enough. He has even talked about a Dexter reboot and how he’d love to do one. Almost five years later and people still want to see him come back as the vigilante-esque serial killer. That all boils down to if the idea is killer enough to make him want to return. Looks like we’ll have to wait and see!

What are your thoughts on Michael C. Hall playing the Batman? Or better yet, what are your thoughts on him playing the Joker in a movie? Both seem like they’d be unique takes on the character. Let us know your thoughts over at SuperBroMovies! – JB Baker

Source – Yahoo & Twitter

Michael C. Hall’s new show Safe is now streaming on Netflix.

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