‘GOTHAM’ Renewed For Fifth & Final Season

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Fans are extremely excited, but also sad to find out that Gotham will be back for one final season. The show that shows Bruce Wayne’s transformation into Batman and the world that surrounds Gotham, has run it’s course. Fox has officially announced the news that the studio has renewed Gotham for its fifth and final season.


Gotham has been renewed for a final 13-episode season run closing in the show at 100 episodes. Surrounding this news, other programs were recently canceled by Fox such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Last Man on Earth, The Exorcist, and more.

There’s no doubt this season of Gotham will end on a cliffhanger or have some unanswered questions. That would have been a difficult pill to swallow if this had been the show’s final season.

How do you guys feel about Gotham’s cancellation? Let us know on twitter @superbromovies !

Years before the first appearance of the Batman, GCPD lieutenant Jim Gordon takes up an impossible task: cleaning up the most morally bankrupt city on earth. As Gordon fights against corruption, criminals and lunatics, Bruce Wayne prepares for his journey to become the most feared vigilante this city has ever seen.


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