BATWOMAN To Make Her CW Debut During The Arrowverse Crossover This December

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Arrow star Stephen Amell finally revealed his secret that he teased over Twitter at the CW’s upfront presentation. Kate Kane known as Batwoman will be introduced to the Arrowverse next season in the crossover, which will air in December.

“We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ll be doing another crossover event this fall on the CW, and we’ll be introducing a new character. For the very first time appearing, we’ll be fighting alongside Batwoman, which is terrific. The crossover is going to make it to air in December. I need to leave right now and start filming it.”

Amell revealing that he had to leave after the CW upfronts suggests that the casting for the role of Batwoman may already be done. It would make sense if the CW didn’t want to reveal who will be playing Kane because she’s a popular character in DC Comics.

Batwoman CW introduction

Kane is a part of the Bat family, which includes the likes of Batman, Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl. They help fight crime in one of the most dangerous cities in the DC Comics, Gotham. When Batman disappeared during the events of Infinite Crisis, Kane stepped up to the plate as Batwoman to help protect the city. Gotham will also be introduced during the crossover, according to CW President Mark Pedowitz.

“We are adding the city of Gotham into the Arrowverse. This will be another full-throttled, action-packed event.”

The Bruce Wayne name drop by Oliver Queen on Arrow during this season isn’t so random after all. It was a build-up to the introduction of Batwoman and the city of Gotham. With Batwoman introduced, this could also mean that Batman is already an established superhero in the Arrowverse and could make an appearance in the future. Although, if Batman were to ever make his way to the CW, it would be similar to the role that Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin, brought to Supergirl due to the movie plans that DC and Warner Bros have for the characters.

Are you excited about the fact that Batwoman and the city of Gotham will be introduced in next season’s Arrowverse crossover? Let us know what your thoughts are by tweeting @SuperBroMovies on Twitter!

Lucas Talbot

Source: EW


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