Justice League: No Justice #2 Review (SPOILERS)

Justice League: No Justice #46
DC Comics

Written by: Scott Snyder,  Joshua Williamson, James T Tynion IV

Art by: Francis Manapul, Marcus To

The teams arrive at Brainiac’s home world to find it already in chaos. Only by splitting up and journeying to the four cosmic trees of Colu will they have any hope of saving the planet…but what’s waiting for them will test the true mettle of their new alliances!


After an exciting and epic first issue, the No Justice storyline keeps the momentum forward with this week’s chapter. The Justice League, Villains, and various other heroes have been split into four teams to save the world, all because of Brainiac. He’s no more however, he died when Amanda Waller just had to find out everything that was going on. Now, this has left everyone divided between Team Wisdom, Entropy, Wonder, and Mystery. This was done to specifically counteract the energies of the four Omega Titans. It leads to some weird matchups of heroes and villains, bought also some of the best moments of the issue.

Their main objective is to not only save Planet Colu, but also their own as the Titans will be going after Earth once this one is taken away. The way each team is tied to specific trees and their goals are directly tied to them is very interesting, albeit convoluted at times. Similar to how DC’s Dark Knights Metal asked for you to use a lot of your imagination, Snyder and co. wants you to escape into this magical universe without thinking about the logistics too much. This works though, in order to pull off a massive crossover like this sometimes you have to ask the reader to fill in some small gaps. What really helps are the character interactions, and boy, are there a lot of them.


From Team Wisdom to Team Entropy, each one have truly unique lineups that end up giving characters like Lobo and Beast Boy a chance to interact in some awesome ways. Speaking of Beast Boy, it’s actually pretty cool how young heroes like him and Robin (Damian Wayne) are a part of this universe-threatening mission. When they are shown going toe to toe with foes that even the big heroes are having trouble with, it’s truly entertaining.

On the Earth side of things, all of the heroes have been put to sleep as a “fail-safe” when Brainiac recruited his teams. This leaves Green Arrow to look for the Justice League, and he ends up meeting with Amanda Waller. Her inclusion in the story last issue felt out of place to me, but this issue really does an excellent job tying her to the main events. She and Oliver Queen are just waiting on Earth to see the end of the world, what a duo.

The cliffhanger ending teases another big bad for the DC Universe with the return of Brainiac 2.0. I assume, if the OG one doesn’t come back, he’ll be taking main villain duties from here on out. I’m not too familiar with the character, but I do know that his appearance here doesn’t bode well for our heroes.


In conclusion:

In another exciting chapter of No Justice, Scott Snyder and co. proves once again they are the perfect people to tackle the Justice League. The art is impressive and bombastic, fitting perfectly with the cosmic tone of the story. It gets convoluted at times, but the superhero/villain interactions and rock solid characterizations keep it within reach. I seriously can’t wait to see how this will end up affecting other series and characters, especially after DC’s Metal series.

Rating: 8.5/10

– Marcos Melendez


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