Oliver Queen Will Get His Classic Goatee In ‘ARROW’ Season 7

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With Season 7 of Arrow soon to be released in the fall, fans have the chance to see more adventures of the Green Arrow being the vigilante hero that he is. It turns out that a part of Green Arrow’s iconic look in the comics will be present in this incarnation of the character for this season. Stephen Amell has recently confirmed at Motor City Comic Con that Oliver Queen will be sporting the character’s classic goatee.


Amell notes that his appearance for this upcoming season may not be permanent, which suggests that the goatee will be more of a bonus for fans of the comics. In addition, he states that the Robin Hood hat will not be part of his outfit:

“Just because you’ve been polite, and just because everyone has been so nice to me today, I can break some news for you and let you know that in Season Seven I am going to debut the goatee. I can’t promise that I’m going to keep it forever. I can definitely promise that I’m not going to wear the stupid hat.”

This change in appearance appears to be done for story purposes, as the character’s identity is no longer secret. Amell elaborates on this point by saying that the goatee and lack of a Robin Hood hat were likely chosen because they could be part of the costume following Oliver’s potential leave from prison:

“We’ve actually been thinking a lot, assuming that Ollie gets out of prison if he suits back up as the Green Arrow, what does that costume look like? Because there’s no more secret identity. That cat is out of the bag. Not that it was that secret before, but we will see.”

Not much else was said in regard to the suit, so it is likely that the Green Arrow suit will not undergo a major overhaul. Fans of the comics and the show now have another element to look forward to when the season premieres later this year.

What do you think about Oliver getting his iconic goatee in Season 7 of Arrow? Be sure to tweet your thoughts at @superbromovies and stay tuned for more Arrow news.

Mark Tan

Source: Comicbook

Arrow airs on the CW on Thursdays at 9 PM EST.

Arrow – When presumed-dead billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home to Starling City after five years stranded on a remote island in the Pacific, he hides the ways the experience has changed him. As he reconnects with those closest to him, including his sister, Thea, Oliver appears to be the same wealthy, carefree bachelor they’ve always known. At night, flanked by his devoted friend, Diggle, Oliver uses his secret persona – that of a vigilante – to right societal wrongs and transform the city to its former glory.


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