Zachary Levi Reveals First Official Look At ‘SHAZAM!’

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In the last 5 years, DC films have received a lot of criticism for “taking itself too seriously” and many fans have been turned off by the dark tones and less humorous takes on the superhero genre. Well, when you have a super powered being that is actually a child underneath all muscles and the costume, it creates a recipe to quell some of those qualms moviegoers have had since 2013’s Man of Steel.

Shazam!, starring Zachary Levi, is exactly that. A film about a boy who turns into a god-like figure with the super strength flight capabilities that rivals Superman himself. After months of set photos being leaked online, it looks like fans are being treated to the first official look at the character.

Zachary Levi posted the first look on his official Instagram account. Take a look for yourself below:

This picture comes from the Las Vegas Licensing Show taking place this week and shows the former Captain Marvel in his official superhero threads as well as taking a gulp of a refreshing beverage. This seems to hint at a more lighthearted film from the DC universe, which was to be expected given the nature of the character and the comedic roots of its star.

With this first official look coming from Levi himself, fans can expect to see more marketing materials from the film in the near future. Maybe a teaser poster or trailer is up next?

What do you think? Does this first look sway you in either direction? Let us know @superbromovies and in the comments below.

Source: Zachary Levi

Shazam! will be released in theaters everywhere on April 5, 2019!


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