‘ARROW’ Star Stephen Amell Wants SUPERMAN To Appear On The Show

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The Arrow-verse is one of TV’s top multi-hero verse shows. It has countless characters and different worlds, and head honcho himself, Stephen Amell, wants more of it. Around the same time as the announcement for Batwoman on this year’s crossover event, Arrow himself says he wants a Superman crossover to happen.

The TV version of Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin, was primarily introduced on Supergirl played by Melissa Benoist. Though his role as Superman is limited as to the number of episodes he is on, his presence is clear in the show and he has many shining moments. Amell discussed the idea of Superman appearing on Arrow:

“Tyler did a great job and I had an opportunity to fangirl over Tom Welling. I would love for Oliver and Clark to eventually meet. I think that would be incredible.”


For now, Superman doesn’t have his own show. So fans primary expectation may just be to look forward to him on Supergirl. But who knows, after the announcement of Batwoman on this falls Arrow-verse crossover event, anything can happen. In another interview back in 2016, Hoechlin had told reporters, “the role of Superman coming into this was to support her (Supergirl). It’s always about her. It’s called Supergirl.”

So what do you guys think of this? What do you guys think of a Superman flying into Star City? Tweet us and let us know what you think @superbromovies !

Source: Comicbook.com


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