Character Breakdown For ‘THE FLASH’ Season 5 Villain Revealed

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After the climactic showdown between ‘The Scarlet Speedster’ and Clifford “The Thinker” DeVoe on last night’s season finale, our thoughts “race” towards next season’s Big Bad. According to a new character breakdown via ThatHashtagShow, we may have an idea on who that may be.

The casting breakdown is looking for “an open ethnicity role for a man in his 40s” named “Desmond Paull.” They go on to describe the character as “a metahuman who, after a mysterious interaction with dark matter, was given not only immortality but also the gift to disable other meta-human powers. He blames metas for everything that has gone wrong in his life and because of that, his mission is to wipe Central City free of them.” ThatHashtagShow goes on to theorize that “Desmond” is just a cover for the true name of the villain, Cicada (David Hersch).

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Cicada has been rumored for the fifth season villain for a while now and this new breakdown all but confirms it. Cicada, being a relatively new villain in The Flash’ rogues, was struck by a bolt of lightning in the middle of a suicide attempt which gave him the ability to absorb someone’s life-force and allows him to live longer. If his origin sounds familiar, apart from the suicide attempt, it’s because it’s exactly how Barry Allen received his powers. This recognized similarity leads Cicada to believe him and The Flash are connected. He goes on to create a cult and they would murder people The Flash has saved with lightning bolt shaped daggers.

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Personally, I hope they focus more on the ‘serial killer’ aspect this next season. The absorbing other people’s life force/powers seems too similar to DeVoe from the second half of season 4 and forcing Barry to use his forensics skills to hunt down a group of people killing would make for a really compelling season. It would also be fun to see why people join up with this man to hurt people The Flash has saved. Why would they do that after everything Barry has done the last four seasons? Here’s to hoping this next season is better than season 4.

What do you think of this new information? Are you excited to see Cicada brought to the screen? Let us know on Twitter @superbromovies.

-Kellen Murack

Source: ThatHashtagShow

The Flash Returns This Fall


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