New ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ Concept Art Reveals An Unmasked Cyborg

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Although Justice League had its home video release a few months ago, there are some aspects of the movie that are still left to interpretation. One of those elements would be the appearance of Cyborg without his iconic helmet. It turns out that there is now concept art that visualizes this idea courtesy of concept artist Jerad S. Marantz. On his Instagram, Marantz released an image featuring a profile shot of the character with the back of the head consisting of robot parts.

Given the design of the suit in the movie, it makes sense that an unmasked Cyborg would reveal a rough blending of flesh and metal. Furthermore, the character as evidenced in the movie expressed disdain for his new form, as he is no longer completely human and not entirely a robot. In some ways, this provides a visual contrast to how his arc progressed through the movie, with him becoming more accepting of his physical form.

Marantz does not reveal how this design would have shown up in the movie, and it is likely that this art was there as a guide for CG rendering. As such, it is not certain that any footage with this character design exists. After all, neither the trailers nor the film proper shows off this particular visual concept. For now, Marantz’s artwork shall serve as the only glimpse of this iteration of Cyborg sans the helmet.

What do you think about the design of Cyborg without his helmet and would you have liked to have seen this look in the movie? Be sure to tweet your thoughts at @superbromovies and stay tuned for more Justice League news.

Mark Tan

Source: Instagram

Justice League is now available on Blu-ray and Digital HD.

Justice League – Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince assemble a team of metahumans called the Justice League, which includes Barry Allen, Arthur Curry, and Victor Stone. Together, they face the catastrophic threat of Steppenwolf and the Parademons who are on the hunt for three Mother Boxes on Earth.


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