Paramount Removes ‘TRANSFORMERS 7’ From Release Date Schedule

The spark of Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise seems to have finally run out.

Transformers 7, the next film in the main Transformers storyline, seems to have been cancelled by Paramount Pictures. The film was set to release June 28, 2019, but it has been removed from Paramount’s release schedule. Without a director attached and no real details about the film, Paramount seems to have ended this project before it really got off the ground.

The first 3 Transformers films were extremely successful at the box office and liked by general audiences. However, the release of the fourth film showed the first cracks in a once great franchise. While Transformers: Age of Extinction was financially successful, it was panned by critics and audiences. This was the first time in the franchise that the audience left with a generally bad taste in their mouths.

On the shaky foundation of the fourth film, Transformers: The Last Knight fell flat at the box office falling $100 million short of the next lowest grossing film in the franchise. The fifth Transformers film did not even make enough at the domestic box office to cover its production budget With a worldwide haul of about $600 million, it left the studio longing for the days of $1 billion box office runs. Given the recent fall in quality and profitability, it should surprise no one that the end of this Transformers storyline is here.

Michael Bay himself even began to distance himself from future projects during the press tour for 2017’s Transformers: The Last Knight saying that he was done directing Transformers films.

Bumblebee, the Transformers spin-off scheduled for release December 21, 2018, will still be released but this seems to fuel speculation that this film franchise could be heading for a reboot. The Transformers story that we grew up on may be coming to an end, but this will probably not be the last we see of the Autobots.

Source: Collider, The Numbers

Taylor Tyler

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