Woody Harrelson Seemingly Confirms ‘VENOM’ Sequel

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It was the film no one ever expected to be announced. A solo Venom film set in a universe without Spider-Man. But with the casting of Tom Hardy and a stellar second trailer fans are eager to see what Sony has in store for the symbiote. And it seems the studio is confident in the film as Woody Harrelson may have just confirmed a sequel is in the works.

In a recent interview with Collider, Harrelson was discussing his film Lost in London, Solo, Venom and more. The interview has some very interesting moments most of all their discussion on Venom. When asked why he wanted to be in the film he had this to say.

“Well, you know, Ruben Fleischer did Zombieland, directed it, so that was a big part of it. And also, Tom Hardy, I really respect and think he’s one of the great actors. So that, coupled with what is a really wonderful script, I felt like I kind of should, you know?”

He also reveals that another major factor was the fact he’s only in the film a lot less than most think.

“Roll of the dice, because I’m just … I’m in a little fraction of this movie, but I’ll be in the next one, you know? So I haven’t read that script, but anyways, just rolled the dice.”

Harrelson’s comment “I’ll be in the next one” seems to reveal Sony has plans for a sequel already in place. If the rumor is true that Harrelson is playing Carnage in a post credit scene it seems more than likely he will be a much bigger part in the sequel.

Are you excited for Venom? Do you want to see a Venom sequel? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: Collider

Venom is set to release in theaters on October 5th.


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