The Russo Brothers Defend The Actions Of STAR-LORD In ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR’

After the heartbreaking events that occurred in Avengers: Infinity War, fans felt the need to fully blame Star-Lord for seeing fan favorites like Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man among the superheroes who bit the dust after Thanos’ finger snapped. The directors of the film, Joe and Anthony Russo, have thoroughly expressed that the Star-Lord should not be blamed for the tragic events that occurred in Infinity War.

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Joe explains the journey that Peter Quill, played by Chris Pratt, went through leading up to Infinity War was a tough one for anyone to experience and why he was put in another tough position during the battle on Titan with Thanos.

“His mother was dying of cancer when he was kidnapped by pirates at the age of 10. He was raised by pirates. He had to murder his father to avenge the death of his mother. His girlfriend, who he was in love with, was murdered by another corrupt paternal figure. He made a very emotional choice.”

If fans truly want to blame Star-Lord for half the universe disappearing, Anthony believes that Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, should also shoulder the responsibility as well.

“Thor also let his emotions get the better of him. Thor could’ve killed Thanos more quickly than he tried to with the ax. He showed up, and he took a moment because of his anger, because of his motivation, to tell Thanos that he told him he would die, and finish him off in a very deliberate way. Thor sort of got lost in his emotions in a similar way as Star-Lord and could also have been responsible for Thanos.”

Star-Lord and Thor Infinity War

I understood why Star-Lord and Thor did what they did in the film, it’s what makes them human. Joe wanted to share in the storytelling of the film on what makes superheroes just as human as civilians.

“They make very human choices. I think if we learn anything from [the] narrative is to put yourself inside the Point of View of someone or the character itself, you should be able to empathize with that character, understand the choices that they make.”

When a loved one gets hurt or taken away from you and it wasn’t fair, people, heroes included, tend to make choices without thinking about the possible consequences that could greatly affect others. In this case, they both didn’t realize until after what they have done. No one is perfect. Star-Lord turned to dust and Thor will have to live with and think about how he should have gone for the head as their consequences.

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Lucas Talbot

Source: Huffington Post

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