Andrew Lincoln To Leave ‘THE WALKING DEAD’ Season 9

The group in The Walking Dead may be receiving another big blow soon. The ninth season, which is planned to premiere this fall, will see the loss of one of the show’s mainstay characters. The leading man, Andrew Lincoln, will exit by the end of season 9 of AMC’s hit show.

Rick is the leader of the group of survivors and has been on the show since the premiere. This is sure to shock and anger fans, but AMC has a plan to try and fill the void.


Details on how Rick’s character will leave are being held with tight lips. But AMC is offering a big pay raise to Norman Reedus to stay on with the show as well as be it’s new lead. Other actors, like Lauren Cohen, have held out for renegotiation of contract deals before this upcoming season. Hopefully we have confirmation on these big plans soon, as fans are sure to be upset by this news.

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Source: Collider

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