Paramount Looking At Paul Rudd To Play Lead Role In ‘SONIC THE HEDGEHOG’

In October of 2017, Paramount acquired the rights to the legendary SEGA character Sonic the Hedgehog. Soon after they locked in a release date for November 15, 2019, for a live-action film adaptation of the classic video game. This film will be like Jungle Book/Mowgli/Beauty and the Beast as it will involve lots of CGI characters.

According to The Hashtag Show, Paramount wants Ant-Man star Paul Rudd to play the lead human role in the film Tom. Tom is a cop that becomes friends with the legendary hedgehog and helps him catch Robotnik. Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik is the main antagonist in the Sonic video game franchise that was introduced in 1991.

We do not currently know the plot, but there will surely be some information coming soon now that it seems casting has begun. The film will be directed by Jeff Fowler, making this his directorial debut. The screenplay was written by Patrick Casey and John Miller (12 Deadly Days and National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze).

Source: The Hashtag Show

Rascal F. Kennedy

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