Doomsday Clock #5 Review (SPOILERS)

Its now been two months since we saw a new issue of Doomsday Clock and this new issue proves the wait was worth it. While having to wait so long for a new chapter in Geoff Johns’ and Gary Frank’s story required a look back at Doomsday Clock #4 for a refresher it wasn’t too hard to jump back into the narrative. And it is clear that the many plot threads laid out thus far are finally starting to come together in this issue. While still leaving us with a number of questions about what to come.


While Doomsday Clock #4 focused primarily on the origin of the new Rorsharch, issue #5 brought us back into the events full narrative.  Picking up with a now hospitalized Ozymandias after his fall from 20 stories up. But his stay isn’t too long as he makes quick work of the hospital guards and is soon on his way to the inevitable meeting with Gotham’s caped crusader. The scene is what many fans had hoped for as both characters challenged each other’s ideas of what it takes to save the day.

But while Ozymandias is meeting with Batman the world is still discussing his confrontation with Lex Luthor. The Daily Planet has labeled Adrian Veidt as a Metahuman due to the publics growing distrust of superheroes in the wake of the Superman Theory. And as Lois Lane tries to investigate the case further we get a glimpse of how the rest of the world is reacting to America’s superpowered populace.

Meanwhile, we finally return to Rorscharch and the girl who helped him to break out of Arkham. And it is finally revealed that she is none other than Saturn Girl from the Legion of Superheroes. With such different characters, the interactions between them are rather interesting to see on the page and will no doubt play out well over the next few issues. But it seems Saturn Girl is not the only classic DC hero making an appearance in this issue.

We soon get a look at Johnny Thunder who has now escaped from the home he has been in for the past few issues. Johnny is in search of his old friend’s “magic lamp” in hopes that it will help him to find his other friends. It seems that Doomsday Clock‘s various teases of the Justice Society of America may soon be coming to a head. But the scenes of Johnny while exciting as they hint at a return of the JSA are still laden with an air of sadness, as we see what becomes of the world’s heroes when they are forgotten.

And while all this is occurring we find that Mime and Marionette are still on the search for the Joker and hot on their tale is Watchmen‘s Comedian who seems that he still has not lost his violent personality while in the main DC universe. But while we don’t see much more of the Comedian in this issue except a quick glance at his search we do get an appearance from the Clown Prince of Crime himself. We finally get the advertised appearance from the Joker who not only has a run in wth Mime and Marionette, but also one of DC’s finest.

Without saying too much more of this issues story, I can promise the end will leave you anxious for issue #6. With all of Johns’ threads starting to come together there is no question the DC universe is about to change forever. The finale of Doomsday Clock #5 is promising not only some fantastic faceoffs but hopefully also some long-awaited returns.

While we have to wait some time for the next issue is it ultimately for the best as the art from Gary Frank is well worth the wait. Each page illustrated by Frank perfectly captures the essence of Watchmen but still has its own flair. So with two months to go until issue #6, it will be exciting to see what Frank and Johns have in store for us after the exciting finale of today’s issue.

Rating: 10/10

–  Jacob Campbell

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