‘SILVER & BLACK’ Removed From Sony’s Release Schedule

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Sony’s Silver & Black has been pulled from the studio’s release schedule. The film was originally scheduled to release on February 8, 2019, but synopsis was never released for this film and the title roles were never cast so it seems that Sony could be reworking the film early in the process.

Silver & Black was set to be a film following Silver Sable and Black Cat, a female superhero duo that never teamed up in the comics but were both part of the Spider-Man universe with Gina Prince-Bythewood, known for films such as Love and Basketball, slated to write and direct the film with input from the original creators of both characters. Despite being Marvel characters, this film was not going to be a part of the wildly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe because of the deal between Sony and Marvel.

Black Cat, aka Felicia Hardy, is a street level criminal with the power of bad luck on her side and fit very much into the mold of a typical Spider-Man villain. Briefly she was a hero while she was in a relationship with Spider-Man, but that didn’t last long before she returned to her burglar roots and set out to kill Spider-Man by any means necessary.

Silver Sable, aka Silver Sablinova, is exactly the opposite. Silver Sable is an killer for hire that hunts war criminals in her free time and is far from the street level petty crime of Black Cat. As a professional assassin and a bit of an anti-hero, Silver Sable teamed up with many big name Marvel heroes and even briefly helped the Avengers.

Despite the buzz surrounding female superhero films after the success of 2017’s Wonder Woman and the anticipation of next year’s Captain Marvel, this announcement sheds doubt on whether this Silver & Black project will ever make it to the big screen.

Source: Exhibitor Relations

Taylor Tyler


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