‘WONDER WOMAN’ Sequel To Maybe Get 1984 Setting


Patty Jenkin’s next movie in the DC Universe, the sequel to Wonder Woman, just got its title revealed it looks like. After being announced that Zack Snyder would be a producer on the film, up next was something much more, wonderful. We knew the film was going to be an 80s take on the superhero, but we didn’t have any specifics. Now, we just might.

This can all be traced back to when DC purchased multiple domain names that consisted of WonderWoman1980.com, all the way up to 1989. We knew the film would take place in the 1980’s due to ScreenRant’s  article, but we were to clueless as to which year. Now we have a pretty good hunch that the film will indeed take place in 1984, but due to the domain names, it could take over the length of a decade. However, that also could have just been a smart move on DC to not give the exact year away!

To add to the 1984 theory, Geoff Johns’ twitter banner is a giant ‘WW84’. Check it out below:


The image looks pretty awesome, and only confirms that this film is likely to be set in 1984. As for historical context, the world lost Indira Ghandi that year due to an assassination. Also, the United States were still at grips with the Soviet Union with the Cold War still in full effect. It would be super cool to see Wonder Woman in a Cold War setting, which it sounds like we’re going to get!

We’ve gotten a flurry of Wonder Woman news lately, from castings, to producers, and now maybe even a title reveal. The movie is in high anticipation with the villain already being set as Cheetah, and Steve Trevor being rumored to return. Now it’s just a waiting game! What are your thoughts on the film taking place in 1984? Let us know what you think will happen over at SuperBroMovies! – JB Baker

Source – ScreenRant & Twitter

Wonder Woman 2 will lasso into theaters on November 1, 2019


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