RUMOR: Black Canary To Be Introduced In DC’s ‘BIRDS OF PREY’ Film

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So far with Shazam and Aquaman being DC’s current projects, little has been revealed with their developing of Birds of Prey film and other possible projects. With Huntress and the Penguin possibly being in Birds of Prey, it also looks like Black Canary may be in the film as well.


Black Canary has been shown in Arrow played first by Katie Cassidy then by Caity Lotz. Currently, that character is currently being played by Juliana Harkavy in the show. All of their versions of Black Canary were different, but a very interesting take on the character. If anything I feel they are underrated. But other than that, there has not been no introduction to Black Canary on the big-screen.

DC has been changing their film slates over the past couple of years due to some of their films underperforming at the box office. San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner and there could be a chance that along with promoting both Aquaman and Shazam, more announcements could reveal info regarding the Birds of Prey film, etc.

Keep in mind this is rumor as there has been no confirmation from the studio or anyone being rumored to be cast as Black Canary. It will be really cool to see that if this does in fact come true, how they go about with Black Canary. Whether she’s already the badass or if it sets her up to become Black Canary, we will just have to find out and see!

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Jacqueline Lainez 

Source: Omega Underground


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