‘SLENDER MAN’ Producers and Studio Clashing Over Budget Causing Film To Be Shopped To Other Studios

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We all know about the story of Slender Man. He is the internet boogie man. He’s caused plenty of damage in real life and scared plenty of people via the internet. There is a film on the verge of being released by Sony/Screen Gems, but there seem to be some problems between the studio and the producers. The producers want a bigger marketing budget, but the studio doesn’t want to give them that. Now, the producers are shopping the film around to other studios.

The film is supposed to debut in August but depending on how things go the release date may be pushed back or the film may ultimately get cut. Sony/Screen Gems want a low-budget Blumhouse style marketing. This style has worked tremendously for Blumhouse. Their style is very low-budget but it works because it targets the exact crowd they want. The producers which include William Sherak and James Vanderbilt have a ton of confidence in the film. They want to release at theaters all across the U.S. and have a bigger marketing budget. This is where they bump heads with the studio because a bigger budget isn’t something that Sony wants to spend.


The producers have used a clause in their contract that allows them to shop the film around to other studios. They have already met with Netflix and Amazon. Some other studios that have seen the film, which is almost complete don’t think it has much commercial appeal. Sony has already rolled out some of the marketing for Slender Man including posters and a trailer. Whichever studio picks up the film will have to pay Sony back.

Head of Sony’s Screen Gems division Steve Bersch likes the film and wants to release it. The studio is afraid of the protest and such things that may follow the film due to the controversy behind Slender Man. There is a petition against the film that has already gotten 19,000 signatures. The creature was created in 2009 as part of an online contest. A few years ago, two 12-year-old girls took their friend out to the forest and stabbed their friend Payton Leutner 19 times. She survived but this story is why many people think the film is distasteful. This includes Bill Weier, the father of one of the girls who are currently institutionalized. The theaters in Wisconsin where the tragedy happened will not show the film.

The film is not based on a true story. The plot is completely fictional and does not include anything that has happened in real life because of Slender Man. This is not helping at all because people are still concerned about the film. The film will get plenty of blowback and controversy because of the Slender Man title. This may be why Sony doesn’t want to pump out more money for budgeting. The studio is still set to release the film on August 24th, and in the event that the producers can’t find a new studio, the film will release then.

What do you guys think? Do you think the studio should give more for budgeting or keep things as is? Should the producers continue to shop the film around? Tweet us @SuperBroMovies with your thoughts!

Source: Variety

Rascal F. Kennedy

Directed by Sylvain White, starring Joey King, Jaz Sinclair, and Julia Goldani Telles –

Terror strikes when four teenage girls in a small town perform a ritual to debunk the lore of a tall, thin, horrifying figure known as the Slender Man. They soon fear that the legend is true when one of them suddenly goes missing.


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