‘STAR WARS: EPISODE IX’ Gets A New Working Title

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Though Star Wars: Episode IX won’t hit theaters until December of next year, anticipation is running rampant and fans will certainly be eager to get their hands on any details floating around the web. In an exclusive from the folks at Fantha Tracks, we now know what the new working title for JJ Abrams’ upcoming space epic will be.

According to the scoop, the working title of Episode IX will be “trIXie.” Right now, there doesn’t appear to be any significant reference to anything in particular other than the capitalized I and X, which are the Roman numerals used for the number 9. It seems like Lucasfilm is keeping up the fun tradition of cheeky working titles, with Solo: A Star Wars Story entering production as Red Cup, and The Last Jedi as Space Bear.

JJ Abrams will get another chance to work his Star Wars magic with Episode 9, having already directed the critically acclaimed The Force Awakens. Episode 9 looks to end the Skywalker saga, and it’s comforting to know that the beloved cast of characters from a galaxy far, far away are in very capable hands.

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Danny O’Brien

Star Wars: Episode 9 hits theaters on December 20, 2019.

Source: Fantha Tracks


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