Nick Frost Throws His Umbrella Into The Ring For The Penguin

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Following new developments in the DC Extended Universe can be exhausting. Thankfully, fan castings offer a welcome distraction from the constant stream of rumors and filmmakers change-ups. One of the more recent fan casting trend is the role of The Penguin.


Despite him not being officially confirmed for Matt Reeves’ The Batman or any other DCEU film, that hasn’t stopped the internet from running wild with their picks for Oswald Cobblepot. Everyone from Josh Gad to Andy Serkis has been brought up, but I think one of the most fun choices in Nick Frost of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead fame.

Apparently, Frost thinks this is a good idea too, because he responded to a fan tweet with this:

While it’s most likely that Frost is just having a bit of fun with his fans, this is still intriguing nonetheless. In a day and age where the Internet can turn Deadpool into a hit franchise, crazier things have happened!

How would you feel about Nick Frost playing The Penguin? Who else would you like to see play him? Let us know on twitter @superbromovies! –James Preston Poole

Source: Twitter


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