‘THE FLASH’ Season 5 Auditions Tapes Surface For Main Villain

Shortly after Season 4 of The Flash ended, the next villain was revealed to be another non-speedster called Cicada. Named James Hersch, he has the ability to remove another metahuman’s powers, and thus becoming an adversary for the Flash. New audition tapes for the character reveal his motivations and more for Season 5.

Roughly two weeks ago a breakdown for a “Desmond Paull” revealed that CW is looking for someone to play a middle-aged man, and it’s an open ethnicity role. The report claimed the character is actually Cicada, and now two audition tapes for him have made their way online seemingly confirming the backstory.

“Desmond” is haunted by an event in his life that had metahumans take everything from him, and now uses his new-found powers to get rid of the “freaks”. Another middle-aged guy being the main villain and taking people’s powers away feels way too familiar with DeVoe from last season, but if they embrace the crazy comic side of him it may help.

The two actors seen in the clips take the character in a different route, with the first one showing restrained anger while the other plays it up and goes a bit insane. Both are solid, and it’ll be interesting to see which way to character ends up going.

What do you guys think? Let us know by tweeting us at SuperBroMovies. – Marcos Melendez

Source: Youtube 

The Flash returns this fall.

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