Marvel Is Meeting With Jay Chandrasekhar For A Potential Project

Jay Chandrasekhar is set to meet with Marvel Studios to discuss a potential project in the MCU, and could be following the the footsteps of other Marvel directors that came before him.

Chandrasekhar is best known for his work in comedy film and television. His previous work as a film director focused on offbeat and irreverent comedies such as Beerfest, the cult classic Super Troopers, and 2005’s reboot of The Dukes of Hazard.


However, Chandrasekhar is best known for his work in modern sitcoms including Community and New Girl. Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios appear to be returning to the well for this meeting as The Russo Brothers, directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Infinity War, both directed episodes of community earlier in their careers and had extensive work in comedy before directing two of Marvel’s biggest and most important films in the MCU.


Taika Waititi, director of last November’s Thor: Ragnarok, reinforced this idea of giving superhero blockbusters to indie directors as his take on the God of Thunder was by far the most successful Thor film to date. Before he directed Thor: Ragnarok, Waititi had a very similar background to both the Russos and Chandrasekhar as his most notable credit as a director was episodes of the The Inbetweeners.

With the films made by these three indie directors being some of the most successful and important to the overall storyline in the entire MCU, it’s only natural that Feige and Marvel Studios would give Chandrasekhar the chance to join the Russo brothers and Taika Waititi as an ETERNAL (wink wink) in the mythology of the MCU.

Source: Syfy Wire

Taylor Tyler

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