RUMOR: Leaked Poster Reveals Rocksteady’s Superman Game Is Titled ‘SUPERMAN: WORLD’S FINEST’

It has been rumored for many years now that the developers behind the wildly successful Arkham Knight games would one day be making a Superman game. Despite them constantly denying these rumors, it seems like the truth has finally come out. Several reports have stated that Rocksteady would be unveiling their Superman game at E3 next week, and now, a poster has leaked that gives us our first look and potentially reveals the title of the game.

The leaked poster can be seen below:


The first thing that stands out is the emblem. This emblem is the same one Henry Cavill’s Superman wears in the DCU. If they are using the logo from his Superman, then perhaps the rest of his costume will bear a resemblance to it as well. It’ll be interesting to see why they didn’t choose the more conventional ‘S’ from the comics.


The biggest thing revealed, though, is the title: Superman: World’s Finest. This could indicate that the game focuses not only on Superman but also incorporates other members of the Justice League. Batman would be a likely candidate considering Rocksteady is so familiar with that character.

We will just have to wait until E3 on June 12th to see if all these rumors and theories come to fruition. Hopefully, we will get our first trailer and possibly gameplay of this Superman game from Rocksteady. Stay tuned to @SuperBroMovies for coverage on all the news coming out of E3.

Caleb Sadd

Source: Imgur



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