New Leaked Set Photos From HBO’s ‘WATCHMEN’ Features A Reference To The Minutemen

It seems like the flow of new set photos from HBO’s Watchmen is nowhere near slowing down. We have had a ton of great set photos giving us our first looks at some of the series stars including Don Johnson and Regina King. However, in this new batch of pics while we don’t get to see any new characters we do get to see a reference to some Watchmen history.

So far the set photos we have seen are rumored to be from two separate time periods in the Watchmen universe. The first being the 1920-30’s featuring a look at Don Johnson, rumored to be playing Hollis Mason. The second photos seem to have been from the original Watchmen time period and may have been right after the Alien Monster exploded in New York City. These new photos, however, seem to be from the present day. It was announced that HBO’s Watchmen would be a remix of the source material and may not be set in the mid-’80s when Watchmen was set.

In these new set photos, we get a glimpse at what looks to be a number of shops on a street and a reference to Watchmen‘s Minutemen.

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Of these photos is the one that features what looks to be an advertisement for a TV show. The ad which says  American Hero Story: Minutemen while a reference to the FX series American Horror Story is our first reference to Watchmen‘s history. It looks like the TV show being advertised is based on the stories of the Minutemen, the superhero group of the 1940’s.

It will be interesting to see what other set photos are released featuring references to Watchmen‘s history. But more importantly, it will be interesting to see if any are released featuring some caped individuals.

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Source: Birth.Movies.Death.


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