‪Samuel L. Jackson Says Nick Fury May Appear In A Future ‘BLACK PANTHER’ Film‬

When Black Panther was first announced, we all kind of thought there would be character guaranteed to appear in the film besides T’Challa, Nick Fury. Being that Nick Fury is the guy who has recruited or helped recruit many of the original Avengers, we all assumed. Even after the casting came out and he wasn’t listed, a few people still thought he may appear in Wakanda. When the film finally came out and the credits rolled, and he wasn’t in the end credits it set in. Samuel L. Jackson appeared on the Ellen Show yesterday and spoke about not appearing in the film.

Here’s what he had to say:

“When they were filming, I was like so… When do I go to Wakanda? They were like *shakes head*. Can I at least walk down a street in Wakanda so they know, I know it’s there? Nick Fury knows about every black thing that’s on the planet, he’s gotta know about Wakanda. I wish I had been there, but I’m really really pleased with the success of that film. And how it worked out. Hmmm and eventually I may end up in Wakanda.”

After seeing the events of Infinity War, and how Nick’s fate panned out in that film… I’m sure in Black Panther 2 Nick will make an appearance pending how Avengers 4 turns out. It’s pretty apparent that Nick knows of every character in the MCU. He’s appeared in several MCU films across the board. I’m sure one of the original African-American characters in the MCU will appear in the blackest franchise within the universe.

What his scene will be like or what he will do, I have no idea. He’s infamous for post-credit scenes. He’s also infamous for major roles in some of the MCU films. We will see which way he is used in Black Panther 2 if he, in fact, appears in the film. We will find soon after Avengers 4 I’m sure.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see Nick Fury in Wakanda? Tweet us your thoughts @SuperBroMovies!

Source: The Ellen Show

Rascal F. Kennedy


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