Along with today’s groundbreaking news of Geoff Johns stepping down as president of chief creative officer of DC Entertainment and moving into a more hands-on creative role writing and producing comics and films under the DC umbrella, is a confirmation fans have been clamoring for for quite some time.

The highly anticipated Green Lantern Corps film will indeed feature both Hal Jordan and John Stewart, two names synonymous with the Green Lantern character in both comics and several animated series.

The confirmation comes from the launch of Johns’ website for his company Mad Ghost Productions. Check out a screenshot from the page for yourself below:


While it has been rumored and expected by fans since the film was first announced, this announcement is sure to calm the nerves of plenty of fans who have been wary of a Green Lantern film since 2011’s Ryan Reynolds-starring effort.

The already-confirmed title Green Lantern Corps hints that the film will be more of a space spectacle with more than just Stewart and Jordan wielding the rings.

Stick with @superbromovies for more information about the film, including casting news, release dates, and marketing material.

Source: MadGhostProductions.com

Green Lantern Corps is set to be released in theaters July 24, 2020! 

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