New Leaked ‘WATCHMEN’ Set Photos Reveal A Major Connection To The Comic And The Fate Of An Original Character (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Since HBO’s upcoming series Watchmen began filming we have had a number of looks at the set via leaked pictures. So far we have gotten looks at some new characters and some interesting nods to the show’s source material. But now we have a new batch of set photos that reveal a major spoiler about a classic character from the original comic.




***Major Spoilers***

Among the new images, a major connection to the comic was spotted on set. On set, a number of signs feature a symbol that looks just like the alien monster from the original comic.

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It seems that after the alien monster created by Ozymandias destroyed part of New York City and killed millions humanity took measures to prevent another disaster. The signs look to indicate they have created shelters in which to hide if another of these creatures came. And if this is supposedly set in modern times as we have been told, Ozymandias’ ultimately succeeded in his goal of scaring humanity into uniting.

Speaking of Ozymandias another leaked set photo has revealed his fate. It seems that in this timeline Adrian Veidt has died.


The headline above reads ““Veidt Officially Declared Dead” which is the first we have heard of any classic Watchmen characters on the show officially. What this could mean for other classic characters remains to be seen so, for now, we will either have to wait for further leaks from the set or official reports concerning the show. It will be very interesting to see the repercussions of Veidt’s death as it was his actions that led to global peace, via his alien monster. Will we see the public learn of his actions or did his work die with him? For now, we will just have to wait and see.

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Source: Slash Film


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