Ewan McGregor Will Star In ‘THE SHINING’ Sequel, ‘DR. SLEEP’

Ewan McGregor seems to be keeping himself quite busy lately. With Christopher Robin coming out this August, a possible role in a film that may or may not be happening, he also just snagged a role in the upcoming horror flick, Dr. Sleep. This will be another Stephen King adaptation, and a direct sequel to the one and only, The Shining. This decision has only happened with the blessing of Stephen King himself.

The movie is being directed by Mike Flanagan, who also helmed the King adaption of Gerald’s Game. Not only is this film now moving forward, but there is also a prequel in the works, titled Overlook Hotel. Both films have been in production hell due to the lack of being able to get a budget, but it seems as if Dr. Sleep is slowly moving forward.


After the massive success of IT, Stephen King titled adaptations have become a hot spot for filmmakers. The next one Warner Bros. saw happening was Dr. Sleep. McGregor is set to play Danny Torrance, who has carried all of the nightmares from the Overlook Hotel into his adult life. Plagued with a drinking problem and his powers, he’s a ticking time bomb. That is until he gains sobriety and starts using his powers to help those dying in hospice. Then he runs into a girl with similar abilities who is being targeted by a violent group, and that’s when chaos ensues.

There is no further news on production or casting, but this could be the catalyst of more news to come. The film will hopefully live up to its potential and deliver what could be another eerie, horrifying experience. What are your thoughts on Ewan McGregor being cast in Dr. Sleep? Let us know over at SuperBroMovies! – JB Baker

Source – Variety


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