Todd Phillips’ ‘JOKER’ Film To Have Lower Budget; Fall Production Start Expected

We got recent news that there would be yet another Joker film that will be starring and produced by Jared Leto. A short while before that, it was announced that Todd Phillips would helm a Joker project himself, separate from the DCEU. This separate project is also rumored to star Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince of Crime himself, which sounds like we’d be getting a pretty edgy film.

Phillips’ Joker film will also have a much lower budget than many of the other films in the comic book world, and we’re talking a lot lower. The film is expected to work around a budget of $55 million, compared to other budgets that exceed $100 million and so on. This could mean we’re going to get a much more grounded film that relies more on practicality. Also, if Phoenix does play the Joker, this film will likely be insanely good.


We’re slowly getting more and more news on this film and none of it is bad. This fall is when the film is likely to start production. Along with that, the film will also maybe be labeled as something else, possibly DC Dark or DC Black. This could launch a whole new era of DC films that could possibly beat out the DCEU. With darker movies like Logan or Deadpool that aren’t apart of franchises like the MCU doing extremely well, this could be great news for Joker fans.

We’re likely to get more and more news on the film in coming months, so be sure to check back. Todd Phillips can make a masterpiece with this film, so let’s hope he does the character justice! What are your thoughts on the lower budget? What do you think this means for the movie? Let us know over at SuperBroMovies! – JB Baker

Source – Hollywood Reporter

The Joker solo film will likely start production in the fall


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