Hartley Sawyer Promoted To Series Regular On ‘THE FLASH’

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Ralph Dibny will be extending his stay on the CW show The Flash. The Elongated Man is now a series regular so expect more antics and quips from this lovable ex-cop.

Sawyer first appeared on The Flash during its fourth season to very mixed responses from fans. Some felt he was too goofy and ruined the tone of the show while others felt his humor brought in some much needed levity to a show that had strayed into more dramatic fare the past season. I was one to side with the latter and appreciated the humor that came with a guy who can elasticize his body as needed. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t stretch the show to thin.

This new announcement comes just a few days after Danielle Nicolet had also been promoted to series regular. These two will sure to be helpful in the upcoming season as The Flash is rumored to square off against Cicada.

What do you think of these promotions? Are you excited to see more of these characters?Let us know @superbromovies on Twitter!

-Kellen Murack

Source: TV Line

The Flash will lightly jog back onto television screens this fall.


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