Tom Kane Says There Are Nine ‘STAR WARS’ Movies In The Works, But A Yoda Film Is Not One Of Them

Voice actor extraordinaire Tom Kane opened up about quite a lot this weekend at All Star Comic Con. His roles include Yoda in the animated series, Admiral Ackbar in The Last Jedi, as well as countless other voice roles. SuperBroMovies attended Northern Virginia’s inaugural All Star Comic Con where he was a guest. While hesitant to share, Kane dropped a big piece of info about the future of his character and the Star Wars movies.


During a Q&A section, Tom Kane said that he had heard of nine Star Wars movies in various stages of development. The recent trend for Disney and Lucasfilms has been to focus solo character movies. Unfortunately for fans and Kane, a Yoda film was not one of them.

Outside of Episode IX, Rian Johnson’s new trilogy, and the Game of Thrones showrunners’ new trilogy there are still a couple of spaces. The newly announced Boba Fett movie is most likely one. Could the other be the long awaited Obi Wan movie or something new and surprising? What would you like to see? Tweet us @superbromovies – Cole

Source: Aaron on Twitter and The All Star Comic Con


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