Jon Bernthal Officially Set To Return To ‘The Walking Dead’ In Season Nine

Jon Bernthal was an integral part of the first two seasons of The Walking Dead playing one of the main characters Shane Walsh. Shane was Rick’s partner/best friend before the infection began. Who Rick had to kill in the season two finale after jealousy over Rick being the leader and Lori drove Shane mad.

Shane is set to appear within the first half of season nine, in what form we don’t know. We assume it’ll probably be in some form of a flashback Rick has if he dies this season. Which is entirely possible considering the rumors that Andrew Lincoln will be exiting the show following the ninth season, while only appearing in a total of six or eight episodes.


We’re sure to find out more next month at San Diego Comic Con where The Walking Dead has a panel and that’s typically when they debut the new seasons trailer. Let us know if you’re excited for Shane’s return to The Walking Dead and tell us what you think will happen by tweeting us at @SuperBroMovies.

– Collin Stetzner

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