RUMOR: ‘THE BATMAN’ May Be Set In The Same Universe As The Joker Origin Movie

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Of all the upcoming DC films none is more uncertain than Matt Reeves The Batman. It has been unknown for some time now who will even star as the Caped Crusader as some have said Ben Affleck will return, while others claim a new younger actor will take over. And it seems now yet another rumor has popped up.

Last year we learned that Warner Bros. is working on a new brand of DC films which will be separate from the main DCU. The first film will be the Joker origins film starring Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince of Crime. And according to a new rumor The Batman will be set in the same universe as it. On a new episode of The Superhero News Show, Forbes writer and cohost Hark Hughes said he has heard several reports that Matt Reeves The Batman will be set in the same world as the Joker origins film, separate from the main DCU.

This would be a very strange decision, but it could make some sense. While this wouldn’t be taken well by many fans as they would love to see the movie exist in canon with the rest of the DCU, it could make recasting Batman easier. By placing The Batman in a universe separate from the past DC films it would make having a new younger star easier for audiences to handle. However, as Hughes stated this is currently just an idea being floated around as nothing is official.

If you would like to listen to what Hughes said listen to the video linked below.

Would you like to be The Batman to be seperte from the man DCU? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: The Superhero News Show



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