RUMOR: ‘MAN OF STEEL 2’ Announcement May Be On The Way

Henry Cavill has been a busy man, he’s starring in the new Mission Impossible: Fallout, he was in-between films with MI and Justice League while the mustache mishap was going on. Needless to say, it seems as if he will be mustache-less for a while and working on new DC things. Rumor has it, he may appear in Shazam! Also, it seems we may get an announcement or update on Man of Steel 2.

Mario-Fransisco Robles of the El Fanboy podcast, states that Cavill’s schedule will be busy with DC activities. Warner Bros. wants Cavill at DC’s panel for SDCC, which means we may or may not get an update on Man of Steel 2. Matthew Vaughn has expressed interest in directing the film, but there have been little updates on the film at all. Hopefully, we get some form of confirmation at SDCC that the film is a go and a director announced with it.

Cavill also has a video posted on his Instagram, where he’s working out the “Super Buns.” The caption is quite telling and says we may see the blue suit sooner than we think. This may also be an indication that we are getting an announcement soon. DC seems to know where it wants to go film wise instead of being all over the place like they have been recently. We will see what happens at SDCC though, they have so much potential and people are awaiting an announcement for Superman. Geoff Johns has the green light for the Green Lantern Corps, Birds of Prey seems to be in full swing, The Joker Origin film is on the right track, WW84 is well underway with production, and Aquaman and Shazam! are coming over this year and next respectively, all we need now is a Man of Steel 2 announcement.

Here’s Cavill’s Instagram post:

What do you guys think? Do you think Cavill shows up at SDCC? Do you think we get some confirmations? Tweet us @SuperBroMovies with your thoughts!

Source: El Fanboy Podcast

Rascal F. Kennedy

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