Elizabeth Olsen Wants A Scarlet Witch & Spider-Man Team-Up

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The team-up in comics is something everyone loves to see as it gives you the chance to see your favorite characters working together to save the day. And it seems that the team up is making its way into the MCU as we have seen Iron Man and Spider-Man team up in Spider-Man: Homecoming along with Thor and Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok. Now it seems Elizabeth Olsen has an idea for her own team-up film.

During an appearance at ACE Comic-Con, Elizabeth Olsen revealed that she would like Scarlet Witch to team up with Spider-Man. The two were not on the best of terms when they first met given she was on Team Cap during Captain America: Civil War and Spidey was Team Iron Man. Olsen expressed her interest in seeing the two heroes team up one day,

“I kind of want to play with Spider-Man, right? He’s cute. And he’s really funny. I think [Tom] Holland’s killing it and he’s so, so fun.”

This would be very interesting to see on screen and given the direction of the MCU we could one day see these two at the forfront of the Avengers. And who knows, perhaps during Phase 4 we will see these two working together.

Would you like to see Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man team up? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: ComicBook.com


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