‘THE FLASH’ Director Seemingly Confirms A 2020 Release Date

It’s no secret that the Flash solo movie has had a rough time getting off the ground. With an original release date of 2018, the film has gone through several writers and directors who all left the project. Recently, though, there has been some hope for the Ezra Miller led Flash movie. The film is set to begin production in early 2019 with Game Night directors at the helm, one of which seemingly confirmed a 2020 release date for the movie.

A fan took to Twitter to ask John Francis Daley when his next movie would release.

Although he doesn’t mention it explicitly, his next movie is obviously the Flash solo movie. It’s evident that he doesn’t want to give anything too concrete, but “if all goes well” as he stated, we finally have a good idea on when we will see Ezra Miller’s solo outing as the Flash.

The Flash solo movie was originally announced at last year’s Comic-Con to be an adaptation of Flashpoint, although, there hasn’t been any follow up on that, and it has been reported that the film will instead focus only on the Flash. We can probably expect some new information like story details and an official release date for the Flash movie at next month’s Comic-Con.


Are you excited to finally see the Flash solo film? Let us know on Twitter @SuperBroMovies.

Caleb Sadd



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